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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Alabama RV Park - Mill Creek Park, Elkmont, Alabama

This is not going to be incredibly in-depth as my wife and I only stayed overnight on our way from Kentucky to Florida.

However, the tone can be set by our enjoyment of the setting as we entered Mill Creek Park, and, as the lady who owns the park, and sadly I've lost her card and cannot remember her name, told me that since a storm was approaching just to get set up before it hit and come by the office after it had passed.

To actually enter the RV park area, you have to pass over a walking/riding trail (accessible from the park), and through a hay field. If you want lights, camera, action, this is not the RV park for you. But, if you want a tranquil rest in the country, then you really need to visit these folks.

The WI-FI was pretty good, but, we were only able to get a couple of stations on our (antenna) TV. We did have a 50-AMP full hook-up pull through, however.

I always take Nadia The Dog for a morning amble, and it was very peaceful walking her past the hay field, and back by way of the walking path, which passes along the edge of the park.

Mill Creek RV Park has a quiet country ambiance, and my wife and I are already planning to drop back by for a longer stay at some later date.

I was able to get an excellent rate with my Passport America membership.

Normal rate is $32 a night, but, with our PPA membership, we stayed for $16.

By the way, if you like hiking, biking, birding, or just plain being in the country, Mill Creek RV Park may be just the place you're looking for.

By the way, if you check their Passport America listing, you will find a different set of directions than what your GPS will probably give you. These are the directions provided by the owner, and, they are definitely easier to navigate than the GPS ones.

Mill Creek RV Park
28861 Veto Road
Elkmont, Alabama 35620

PHONE: (256) 732-3686
GPS: 34.96871 N, 86.99246 W


Friday, June 24, 2016

Oak Creek Campground, Walton, KY

Oak Creek Campground is possibly one of the best campgrounds you can find near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Located in Kentucky, just off of I-75, at Exit 175. Just take the road in front of the Flying J Truck Stop, and you will be led there. Be careful, however, the road is narrow and winding and the right turn to the camp entrance comes up fast around a curve, at the bottom of a hill, just before a bridge.


This is because coming from that direction puts you on narrow, winding roads with crazy drivers. Additionally, coming that way, from I-71, there is a very hard left turn to the road the campground is on, and, as it happened the day I arrived, local drivers can be very unforgiving and thoughtless.

I accidentally came that way, and had to wait for a car to pull out of the road before I could turn. A driver behind me, rather than waiting, shot around me, temporarily blocking the turning car and causing dangerous situation.

Take the I-75 exit.

Oak Creek Campground is relatively secluded, although part of it lies close enough to a fairly busy road to pick up some road noise. As I type this, however, there is no noise from the road.

Although Oak Creek handles everything from tents to big motor homes and fifth wheels, providing reliable electric, water, a fairly decent WIFI, and a small selection of cable channels, they do NOT offer sewer. They will come and PUMP YOUR TANKS once a week, on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

The people are nice, and there is a small general store available with beer, sodas, snacks, and basic RV supplies.

They do have some games and family-friendly activities, mainly live music at various times, and, there is a playground for kids. They are a pet friendly rv park with the standard excessive barking, pick up after, etc.

They also have a swimming pool (outdoors and seasonal), and a recreation area.

Prices are reasonable, and, they do offer discounts for AAA, Explorers, and Good Sam members. It is a good idea to call in advance for reservations. When I called, they were booked for my original dates, but, the manager was able to offer an alternative, and offered a lower rate for booking a week than a smaller block of days.

The Oak Creek Campground website is at

13329 Oak Creek Rd. ● P.O. Box 161 ● Walton, KY 41094 ● (859) 485-9131

Sunday, May 8, 2016

5 Essential Travel Trailer Replacement Parts

By Emiley Malory

Owning a travel trailer offers people the chance to enjoy a few home comforts while traveling around. A travel trailer can save you a lot of money that would need to be spent on hotels, but you need to ensure that your trailer is well-maintained or it may cost you a lot of money in repairs in the long run. We take a look at the essential items that you need to keep a check on or that you may want to think about replacing.

1. Safety items

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your travel trailer is safe for use. Making sure that you own and maintain essential items such as fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can save your life. Always ensure that batteries are in your safety devices and have a check on them before you leave. Living in such a confined space and cooking in small areas can mean that you are more prone to fires, so safety first at all times.

2. Light switches and light bulbs

If you are planning on hitting the road for a long period and you will not be near any electrical stores, you will need to check all of your electrics before you leave and ensure you take spare light bulbs that will last you throughout your journey. Many travel trailer parts are specially made and normal household fixtures and fittings may not work. Light bulbs are not very expensive so it's always good to have them in stock.

3. Auto Sewer Flush Valve

It is not the nicest thing to think about, but looking after your toilet and sewage system is essential. You will be using your toilet and wash facilities a lot while on the road and you do not want you whole living space smelling. You need to make sure your water tanks are kept clean and using an auto sewer flush valve is very advantageous.

4. Silicone Rescue Tape

No matter how much you look after your travel trailer, problems are bound to pop up now and again on your travels. Having a stash of silicone rescue tape will serve you in good stead as a temporary fix for electrical faults, fuel line problems or damaged hoses.

5. Travel Trailer Solar Charging System

Not having to rely on a hook-up for power can feel very liberating and it enhances the sense of freedom the travel trailer brings. The sun is packed full of energy that can be utilized instead of using a generator. Solar power is very cost-effective and is much better for the environment too. There are many systems for solar charging systems to suit all budgets and they are a very wise investment however much you spend.

Maintaining your travel trailer will ensure that you enjoy many years of happy traveling in your home away from home and you will not be tempted to book into a costly hotel simply because you have not looked after your home essentials.

For more information regarding Replacement Travel Trailer Parts, pay a visit to

Article Source: 5 Essential Travel Trailer Replacement Parts

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mesquite Oasis RV Park, Odessa, TX

On a recent trip, my wife and I needed to spend a night in the Midland/Odessa, TX area.

Since we were just passing through and didn't really partake of all that Mesquite Oasis RV Park has to offer, I can only pass on a lot of the info on their website.

However, what I CAN comment on is our personal experiences and impressions.

The first thing I DO want to say is that the people we dealt with, over the phone, and in person, were great! Mesquite Oasis is a family-owned RV park, and, although the family was dealing with the health issues of an older member of the family, they went out of their way to make sure we had a place, even having someone drive to the park to check us in on a Sunday when the office was normally closed.

They ARE pet-friendly, by the way and have a playground for the kids. Shopping is within reasonable driving distance.

If you have never been to the Permian Basin area of Texas, do NOT arrive expecting sweeping vistas or breathtaking landscapes. There are vistas, of course, but, you are in the middle of what many would consider a desert. You are also amid oil fields, and, Mesquite Oasis, while a nice place to stay, appears to be home to many who work in the oil industry in the area.

Still, while you won't find the rich and famous living there, you will find hard working families. Everybody I came in contact with during our short stay was friendly and helpful.

The facilities and amenities of Mesquite Oasis RV Park may be a bit basic, but, they are many, and, it is obvious that the owners are trying to do as much as they can to provide them for their guests.

There is a fitness room, computer, laundry, bathrooms and showers, and a recreation room, all accessible by coded entry, in the main building. There is also WIFI access in the park. Hint: Don't forget to get the password, like I did. Oh well. It was just one night and I survived without the Internet.

Mesquite Oasis RV Park has security cameras strategically placed and recording for the sole protection of residents at all times, as well as a Grounds Manager on site who checks the park and facilities periodically through the night.

One unique thing about Mesquite Oasis RV Park is that it boasts a "catch and release" pond, complete with ducks, which has a lit fountain after dark and places to sit for a picnic or just to watch the ducks.

No, you won't find royalty at Mesquite Oasis RV Park in Odessa, Texas, but, they will try to treat you like royalty.

Fees were quite reasonable, by the way. Sites are roomy with plenty of room for more than 1 vehicle and a front porch area. Sites are 40' x 90', appeared to be pull-throughs, and are equipped with 30 amp, 50 amp, and a 110 GFI as well as a hook-up for Direct TV.

Mesquite Oasis RV Park
7601 W 42nd St
Odessa, TX 79764


Phone: 432-381-2707
If no answer call

Current Fees (I did get a military discount)

RV Site/Full Hook-up $35.00/day $210.00/week $750.00/month

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Places to Go in North Wales

By Julie A. Allison

As you may already know Wales, and especially North Wales is rich with history and heritage. Every year thousands of tourists from all around the world come to visit the many attractions that North Wales has to offer.

If you're looking for somewhere to go in North Wales then one of the best options is without doubt Snowdonia national park, where you will find the famous Mount Snowdon. Standing at 1085 metres above sea level, Snowdon is the highest point in the British Isles excluding the Scottish highlands. It is one of the most popular places in the UK for hikers, climbers and tourists looking to find a good view. Despite its height you do not need to be an experienced climber to reach the top. There are several paths of different difficulty leading to the top or if none of them take your fancy you could always just catch the train all the way up, where there's a cafe waiting for you!

However if you're looking for something more adventurous and challenging then there are a range of events that run on and around Snowdon. If you want a physical challenge and want to see Wales from top to bottom then you could try taking on the Welsh three peaks challenge. An adaptation of the British three peaks challenge, the Welsh three peaks challenge involves walking up the three highest peaks in Wales. Starting in the south on Pen y fan in the Brecon Beacons you will then move up to Cadair Idris before finishing up the mighty mount Snowdon and all this should be done within 24 hours!

Alternatively if you would rather stay in North Wales and fancy yourself as a bit of an endurance athlete then you could take on the Man vs Mountain race organised by Rat Race events. This event is not for the faint hearted as it covers over 20 miles from the bottom of Snowdon to the top and back down again, and to make it that little bit more difficult they've also thrown in some obstacles along the way for you to navigate. Man Vs Mountain is one of the highlights of the year for obstacle course racers and is and incredible achievement and experience if completed.

Whatever it is you decide to do there is no doubt that Snowdon and all the events that come with it is one of the best places to go in North Wales. Once you've visited Snowdon there's so much more out there for you to see and do. And don't forget about the many events and wonderful locations including historic castles waiting for you!

This article was inspired by Flint International Day, an event taking place on the grounds of historic Flint castle in 2016. The day is family oriented and interactive and a celebration of all things international and multiculturalism in the UK including music, dance, song, food, crafts. The event will also receive special guests and local community and fundraising groups will be present to spread word about their respective causes.

Article Source:

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Our New 2014 Toyota Tundra

A lot of family issues have kept us from traveling as much as we would like, and, most of our travel, such as a recent trip to the Phoenix area, has been for the purpose of visiting family.

It has been our goal for some time to get an RV of some sort, and, after much discussion and research, we have finally decided to get a travel trailer. However, our little Prius V was not going to pull, or be pulled. Towards that end, we traded it in on a slightly used 2014 Toyota Tundra, shown below.

2014 Toyota Tundra

This decision to change our way of life so drastically was not lightly made.

One of the most difficult problems WAS getting out of our Prius and into a gas-guzzlin' highway more ways than one.

It can be hard to go from 43 MPG to 14 MPG, but, on the other hand, the ride in the Tundra is fantastic compared to the Prius V. This is a good thing as I am 70 and my wife is disabled, and spending the day in the Prius was distinctly wearing.

As an ex-OTR truck driver, I personally enjoy being back in a small version of a big truck.

Well, the next trip has not been planned as yet, but, we are looking forward to cruising down the road in our big silver truck, and, even more to adding the travel trailer to it.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Almost Missed Out on Citrus (Seafood) Bistro in Colleyville, Texas

The lady asked us why we decided to eat at the Citrus Seafood Bistro today, and we told the truth.

Turns out the restaurant we had intended to go to is closed on Mondays. Therefore, my wife did a quick search on her phone and found this restaurant nearby.

It was a happy accident.

Before I go further, let me point out that I am still slightly confused as to whether it is the Citrus Seafood Bistro, or the Citrus Bistro, but that's not really important.

The d├ęcor is relaxed and subdued but colorful enough to liven things up a bit. My wife pointed out that most of the colors were "citrus-y". Of course, I had to ask which citrus fruit is black (the color of the ceiling).

The people were very nice. We were greeted by Nanou Viriot. The chef is Didier Viriot, who has had an extensive career in Europe and in the Dallas area. The restaurant tries to present a high-class impression, but we ordinary folk (who sometimes stop at the Jack in the Box near our house for fast food for dinner) were relaxed with the staff who treated us in a friendly manner.

The Citrus Bistro presents itself as a French - Mediterranean restaurant which specializes in Seafood. There seemed to be a wide selection of food available, not all of which seemed to be French or Mediterranean, but, since I had been lured in by the word "seafood", I chose the "PAN SEARED CRAB CAKE Orange and Port Wine Reduction served with House Salad". My wife chose "CREPE DU PECHEUR Mixed Seafood Crepe with Lobster Sauce".

Don't get me wrong. The food was delicious, "plated" and presented well, and the prices were reasonable for the type of cuisine they serve.

However, I am a meat and potatoes, or at least meat with lots of veggies, kind of guy, and I probably should have ordered two crab cakes to actually satisfy my appetite. The spinach and baby greens salad did not quite satisfy me either, but, then again, I don't do leafy greens if given an option.

On the other hand, I probably would have been more satisfied with my wife's order, which, she assured me, was delicious and perfectly prepared. I'm jealous. I got spinach and baby greens, and she got grilled veggies...which she also assured me were delicious.

Overall, a pleasant experience and will probably be repeated so that I can test some of the other items on the menu.

They do have a wine bar and apparently sponsor or participate in events, and regularly have live entertainment. They have recently moved to Colleyville from a Dallas location they had occupied for several years.

5005 Colleyville Blvd#240
Colleyville, TX 76034
Tel. 817 281 6282

Hours of Operation:

Lunch • Monday - Saturday: 11AM - 2 PM

Dinner • Monday - Saturday: 5 PM - 10 PM

Brunch • Sunday: 11AM - 3PM

Happy Hours:

Monday - Friday: 4PM - 7 PM

Citrus Bistro on Urbanspoon